01_Journal of Accounting and Emerging EconomiesJournal of Accounting and Emerging Economies 

The Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies (JAEE) is the sister publication to the Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies (RAEE) book series. The general papers published in JAEE complement the more thematically-based paper collections in the annual book series RAEE. Together, JAEE and RAEE are intended to provide an authoritative overview of accounting research and progress in emerging economies

The journal publishes empirical research papers which are based on diverse methodological and theoretical approaches and which highlight the policy and practical implications of the research. Reviews of current debates will also be considered for inclusion.


The coverage of the first ever journal on accounting in emerging economies will include:

  • Education, training, and the role of professional accounting bodies.
  • Financial reporting and accounting standards.
  • Auditing.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Management accounting issues.
  • The impact of structural adjustment programmes and international financial agencies on accounting practices.
  • Accounting, regulation, and privatization.
  • Accounting and accountability issues in the public sector, NGOs, multinational corporations.
  • Accounting practices in family businesses.
  • The impact of culture, ethnicity, and history on accounting.
  • The role of accounting in socio-economic development and poverty reduction.
  • Theoretical approaches to accounting.